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our first exhibition • creativity without borders

There is an exhibition in the air…

In the fire.

In the water.

In the earth.

There is an exhibition being imagined and created by two friends who met in Los Angeles 9 years ago while studying movies. They have made many short movies, collaborated on many scripts back in their LA times. Then their visas come to an end and they moved back to where they came from.

One from within the borders of France.

One from within the borders of Turkey.

Borders were drawn in between them, within their borders they have faced their own trials. Yet they continued to live, to create, to work together. There, they called themselves “partners in creative crimes” and formed GizLie.

Today, after many years of co-creation, I, the one within the borders of Turkey, am excited to announce we will be having our first exhibition in Reims, France. And it is called Creativity Without Borders.

After all creativity was the one that removed the borders between Nathalie and I. Creativity was the one that made us explore the borders within and the borders without.

I am writing these sentences from Paris where we are united thanks to the generosity of our dear friends, Claire, Michel, Anne and Beto, who kindly let us stay at their apartments and create. It has been 8 days so far in our journey to create an exhibition and many days yet to come, until clock hits January and the sharing time comes.

For now, we are sending you loads of love, mischief and creativity,

Giz & Lie