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clarissa pinkola estes quote
And i went out in the woods. 
And I wandered. 
And I got lost. 
And I got enchanted. 
And I entered the cave I feared the most. 
There, I discovered my creativity. 
My creative journey has been the wildest, the toughest, 
the most magical, healing and enchanting adventure thus far.
Along the way, around 4 years ago drawing joined my journey.

Since then... 
I enter the caves of Gizegen to be all alone with my imagination. 
I draw. I paint. 
I lose myself in shapes and colors. 
Some days in one cave, some in another. 
Here are some of the discovered caves of the planet you have landed. 
And I am inviting you, dear wanderer, to light your torch and explore the cave arts found in this mysterious land.