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An adult is not a dead child but a child who survived.
Ursula LeGuin
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My name’s Gizem. I am a cloud of stardust that resides on Planet Earth as a member of the human species. And I have discovered that I cannot help but create.


I was born in Istanbul during a curfew night on February 10th, into a family filled with one of a kind people. As a child, I was surrounded with storytellers and tricksters who were weaving my childhood into curious stories.


My mother raised me surrounded with arts. With her modest budget, she would take me from painting courses to ballet courses, from theatre to opera and movies. She was a very talented craftswoman and perhaps, a shadow artist… who poured her gifts into home making. Yet, when financial troubles hit us, she was the one who put on her (mother) armour and started working again at the age of 40. I never respected her more.


My father, on the other side of the coin, raised me with dreams, stories and nature. Every year, he’d promise to take me on safaris and trips around the world… as soon as he’d won big at the horse race. And everyday he lost, but together we dreamt until I got older and the failed dreams took their toll on me.


With my mother I made things, with my father I dreamt things. 


When school started, the education system hit my spirit hard. Most of my time and being was spent at schools. After school cycle, I promised myself to unlearn everything I learned. Arts was diminishing. Little by little I was being educated out of my creativity, like many other children, and becoming a mere spectator. Yet, there was one thing I perfectly hid and never gave up, that was my imagination which I believe was a gift from both my mother and my father.


When I was 17 years old, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Reality hit once more time and I ended up reluctantly studying economics, in search of financial stability to reassure my mother.


As far as I can remember I suppressed the creative forces in me and convinced myself that I could at best help and support others do their art, but that I had missed my train a long time ago. Yet, my mother’s death and her unlived gifts awakened me to my own. After a year working in advertising association, at the age of 24, I left Turkey with a little cash left from my mother, a piece of luggage and a fluffy cat to pursue my desire to learn filmmaking as a producer in Los Angeles and my desire to embark on a journey abroad. 


And it’s there that I got hit by a story idea so big and magical I couldn’t ignore it. Ever since, I have grown my story as it has grown me. For the last 8 years, I have been on a journey reconnecting with my creativity and my imagination to find ways to tell the story I know in my heart needs to be told. 


When I ran out of visa, I traveled back to Istanbul where I started working as a freelance subtitle editor, finished a 200 hours yoga training, started drawing, opened a platform called GizLie with my creative partner, re-discovered my planet and feminine energy and have embarked on an inner journey that transformed my being in the most magical way.

In the last 8 years I’ve produced short films, I’ve allowed myself to doodle, paint, write, have a creative partner, sell my work, become a creative producer.

It has taken me some time to gather my courage and let myself and my imagination be seen as a self-taught story fabricator and creatrix.

Now, here I am; me, myself, my imagination and my creativity on a website, manifesting my being. I believe in imagination, I believe in stories and I believe if we acknowledge our amazing potential to imagine and to create, we will honour our nature and our brilliantly creative planet and make the world a creative place, just as it deserves to be. My creative planet, Gizegen, exists to teach and help me to manifest, to connect, to share, to communicate my being.


i am an earthling
i am a homo sapiens
i am a wanderer
i am a story
i am a story fabricator
i am a doodler
i am a writer
i am a fantasist
i am a screenwriter.. a filmmaker..
i am an artist
i am a maker
i am a seeker
i am a hermit
i am an explorer
i am a moocer
i am a cat’s human
i am a fool
i am an aquarius
i am an imaginationaut
i am a witch
i am an apprentice
i am a yogi
i am many-things, i am some-things, and i am no-thing. On a big blue planet, i wander around the sun, i cycle with the moon, i fall in love with the nature, i expand with my universe, i adventure in space and time… Imagination is what i seek, imagination is what i spread with a spoonful of mischief and love.

22 autosomes and a pair of x

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